Wouldn't it be great if your business decisions were based on reliable information?

Your business might be creating a lot of data.
But are you able to effectively distill the relevant information out of it?
Your processes might need to be tuned to gather more meaningful data.
Your BI tooling might need to be improved to combine your data in a more insightful way.
Or you might need better data visualization to make an impact.

Six Sigma

Data Acquisition

Redefine your processes to create and collect the data that really makes a difference.

Power BI and Tableau

Data Analytics

Utilize off-the-shelf data integration tools to create insight from your data.


Data Visualization

Visualize your data and create presentations that make an impact.


February 2018.  February update of Power BI Desktop features multi-select data points across multiple charts and sync slicers across multiple pages of a report.

December 2017.  think-cell's customer base has grown to over 12,000 companies on all five continents. Over 600,000 professionals at these companies rely on think-cell every day to create complex data-driven presentations directly from Excel data.

September 2017.  Dr. Oliver M. Duschka joined think-cell from Unisys. As Head of Sales and Customer Success, Dr. Duschka will be in charge of globl sales and account management at think-cell. think-cell is the de facto standard when it comes to professional presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

The information integration expert

Oliver Duschka

Information integration and Six Sigma thought leader,
hands-on Power BI, Tableau, and think-cell expert.

Which information integration needs do you have?

Tell me about the challenges you have to create insight and value from data.